Start with Book 1 – Mixed Messages, and don’t stop till you have read them all. Pat does an awesome job with a very serious subject. Actually, in the following excerpt, she deals with two very serious subjects, a child who probably has ADHD and a husband who ??? well, read on and you decide what David has. Of course, you will need to read the book to understand the full nature of David’s problem. This book is beautifully written, the characters are likable, relatable, and very realistic. Pat’s use of Nana said quotes and her references to old TV shows throughout, always brought a smile.


“And, there’s something else I have to tell you. I met with Davey’s teacher today and she believes Davey has ADHD. That’s Attention Def . . .” “I know what that is!” he shouted over her. “That teacher, she’s nuts! There’s nothing wrong with my son! He’s a normal, red-blooded boy, for God’s sake.” “How can you say that? He can’t even sit still. The teacher says there are special diets and medications . . . .” “You are not giving my son drugs!” He slammed his fist down on the table. “I didn’t say that, David. It’s not that bad. There are all kinds of treatments. We should be grateful it’s something so minor. Think about all the things it could be: leukemia, a brain tumor. My God, we’re so fortunate.” “Fortunate my ass!” he screamed.

“You and that stupid teacher. You’re both crazy! You want my son to be a zombie!” He pushed back his chair, picked up the serving platter of spaghetti with meat sauce and hurled it at the kitchen sink. “That’s what I think of that. I’m outta here. I can’t stand the sight of you right now.” He grabbed his trench coat off of the hook by the door and his car keys off of the counter and slammed the door on his way out.

I guess the relationship between the two main characters, Ann and David is what I took from this story. But, I have to say, there is so much more, like threatening phone calls, and a serial killer, hmmm! If you like a little mystery and suspense along with a serious subject that will have your emotions all stirred up, then I highly recommend Mixed Messages, And don’t stop there; here is my take on Book 2, Unfinished Business.

Book 2 – Unfinished Business (A Malone Mystery)

And the Saga continues in Unfinished Busines; Is the serial killer dead? We thought so at the end of Book 1. But more women are found dead. Ann’s sister, Marnie, comes to visit for Christmas; Does she bring a serial killer with her? Or is it Charlie, who lets himself into Ann and David’s apartment? Maybe the upstairs neighbor? Of course, there is the backstory about Ann and Marnie’s parents. Could that have something to do with the serial killer? Ann’s employer? The very unusual priest? This is definitely a page turner, Patricia sends her reader in every imaginable direction to find out who he is.   I love all the backstories and the thoughts that invade the minds of Ann and Marnie. I found myself at the edge of my seat wondering how the story would unfold. And guess what? I already knew who the killer was since I read the books out of order. Now if an author can keep you reading even though you know who it is, that’s an author you want to keep an eye on.

Patricia Gligor, you keep writing and I will keep reading!

So there it is folks, I truly recommend the Malone Series. There are 5 books in the series, and I reviewed Books 3,4 and 5 at the following link. There is also more about Patricia and her personal interview. Review of Books 3,4 and 5 of the Malone Mysteries

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