Me: Ugh, I can’t move my leg.

Mama-Leigh: It’s okay mom, it’s just me keeping you warm.

Bruce: And me helping out, gram. Don’t forget me.

Me: Could you guys move over just a little so I can stretch out a bit?

Mama-Leigh: I don’t think so mom, I am pretty comfy right here.

Bruce: Me too gram, I like this spot.

Me: OK, so I will just move to the other side, you guys just rest.

Bruce, standing, stretching, shaking and giving me The Look! Are you kidding? You moved and now I gotta move too. Shoving the blanket and sheet with his nose to get my attention, I slowly lift it and allow him to go under and climb aboard my leg. Thanks, gram,  plop, snore!

Mama Leigh, standing, stretching, shaking and
giving me The Look, while climbing on my ribs. (Ouch)! Ahh, excuse me, mom, did you really move?

Me: Yes, yes I did! You need to get off my ribs, that hurts.

Mama-Leigh: Nudging my arm, okay, just give me some room under your arm and don’t forget to share the pillow with me, Oh and a little blanket would be nice too! Thanks, mom, plop, snore!

Me: 3 a.m. Thoughts: Dogs are therapeutic? Ahh, not at 3 a.m, they’re not!!!! But, how can anyone not love those faces!!! 🙂