Interesting question. Recently a friend lost a close friend and she commented that she was ready, but her family and friends weren’t. I began to think about that comment and I guess that is always the case. But then again, is it?

Are we ever really ready? Fact: let’s be real, family and friends are never ready to lose someone they love! But are we ready? What does that mean anyway? Ready for what? Ready to find out if there really is a heaven or hell? We believe there is, but does that make it so? Ready for our lives to end? Ready to leave our family and friends? Ready to join our loved ones who have gone before us?

I have a good friend that I chat on the phone with once or twice a week! Nancy is 10 years older than me and she is always commenting about being ready. “Come on Lord, she says, I’m ready!”  Then she laughs and tells me that if she really was ready, she wouldn’t get up every morning and take all the medication the doc has prescribed. That always makes me laugh out loud. Why? Because  it’s true.

I am a real good example of that, I hate drugs, but for the rest of my life, I will go to the clinic every 3 or 4 weeks and pump my body full of drugs! Poisonous ones at that!  Why? Because I am Not Ready!

I have kids, grown ones, but my kids never the less! I need more time to aggravate the heck out of them! I have grandkids that I need to shower with gifts, hugs, and kisses! And spoil, just because I can! I have friends, I love making them laugh, even if it’s at my expense! 😀

So today I will start my latest round of chemo, and in between the pain that I know I will have, and the tears that I know I will shed, I will smile, and do my best to enjoy the time that I have left!

And the one thing that I know I will NOT DO, is give up! I will fight this Damn Cancer until I can’t fight anymore! I am no dummy, I will win some of the battles, but I know that in the end the cancer will win the war! But guess what?

It. Ain’t. Happening. Until. I. AM. READY!

And of course, God has to be Ready for me too!

That’s it for now! Have a great week and don’t forget to Live, Love, Laugh and By All Means, READ! And write reviews. My author friends get so upset when they don’t get reviews! Geez, so touchy aren’t they? 😀