Here we go, another month has gone by… I do have to say that I am glad it was a short one. Things were a bit crazy in February.

Let’s take a look at my resolutions, or should I say goals for 2017.

1) I want to lose 20 pounds! That doesn’t seem like much but it will be difficult since I like to eat.

Not happening; I tend to be retaining fluids a little more than I want to… not to mention eating lots of things I shouldn’t be. Maybe March will be better.

2) Exercise daily. That’s a tough one, but I will think positive.

Well, exercise as in am I getting my steps in? went pretty well this month. I would say that I got them in about three quarters of the month.

3) Read 50-75 books. This should not be hard since it is what I love to do!

I am not doing as well on this one as I would like. My concentration is a bit off; actually a little more than a bit… it’s a lot off. I read 1 book and listened to 4 audio books this month. I guess that isn’t too bad. That gives me a total of 9 for 2017. If I hustle, I can at least get the 50 in. 😀

4) Get back to writing my blog!!! If not weekly,  Then biweekly.

Finally, one that I can say yes to, I am on track with this…. I am writing my blog.

February was filled with doctor appointments, bloodwork and scans. Before I can start any clinical trials, I have to qualify. Qualify? Really? Well, what that actually means, is that I have to have good bloodwork, and a strong heart. It’s a waiting game for sure, and I decided to keep moving, and try not to dwell on it. That’s my approach, and I am sticking to it!

My indoor garden is growing nicely; the couple of new plants I added this month seem to be happy.

I bought a new laptop at the end of January and by the end of February I wanted to throw it out the window. Instead I marched it right back to Walmart and traded it in for a better model. 😳 And good news about that… although I spent nearly three hours in the store, they took it back without a box or a receipt… go Walmart… 😀

That’s about it for my February. I hope that everyone had a good month as we welcome March and get closer to leaving the Winter behind.

Until next time, Don’t Forget to Live, Love, Laugh, and by all means Read!