Unless I have new readers, I don’t think I have to tell anyone that 2016 was not my best year! Writing about it is undoubtedly very difficult!

Having been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer just before Christmas in 2015, I began to prepare for what I knew would be a very long and difficult year for my family, my friends, and me. Actually, if I am going to be honest here, I planned for 6 months of difficulty, because I really didn’t expect to be here beyond June 2016! No, that wasn’t my doctor giving me a prognosis, that was all me trying to read God’s mind! Alas, he had other plans!

I am not going to write a play by play of the 9 months of treatments, pain and all that went on during that time, I will just say that it was not fun! And yes, I whined a lot!

So now I will skip to September; my last chemo treatment was definitely successful ! Lots of partying going on, well not really partying but definitely a lot of smiling! And on October 12 I received the good news that I was cancer free!!!! A day I will remember for a long time!

It’s actually Christmas Eve as I write this and I am still smiling! I am so grateful for the gift of life and I want to thank so many people! My many doctors for the skills that they work so hard to learn. So many nurses that I met at the doctors offices, the infusion clinic and the hospital. The compassion that they share is beyond incredible. An even bigger thank you to My family and friends, without all of you I would not be writing this today! I was listening to Delilah on the radio the other night and she was telling us to get off the computer and get out and about with real people!!! Well I am here to say she is wrong about that. I thank Facebook for allowing me to keep in contact with many folks that I would not have been able to during this very difficult time. Prayer travels far and if you allow it to, a hug can be felt clear across the country! For that, I am thankful.

I didn’t set any resolutions for 2016, but I decided I would definitely set some for 2017. Here they are!

1) I want to lose 20 pounds! That doesn’t seem like much but it will be difficult since I like to eat.

2) Exercise daily. That’s a tough one, but I will think positive.

3) Read 50-75 books. This should not be hard since it is what I love to do!

4) Get back to writing my blog!!! If not weekly,  Then biweekly.

5) last but certainly not least… remember and practice one of my favorite quotes, Live, Love, Laugh And READ!

That’s it for 2016, and  as I welcome 2017, please join me as I wish my family and friends a very Happy and Healthy New Year! Let’s make 2017 a year to remember! READY, SET, GO!

And don’t forget… to… Live, Love, Laugh And READ!


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