I am delighted that my good friend Amy M. Reade has agreed to chat with me here on New York Army Mom! I know from my experience that readers love to hear personal things about their favorite authors. It doesn’t get any more personal than this. Well, maybe it can, but we won’t go there!

Amy is the author of 3 stand alone novels, Secrets of Hallstead House, set in the Thousand Islands of upstate N.Y.;The Ghosts of  Peppernell Manor, set just outside Charleston South Carolina;  and House of the Hanging Jade, set in Hawaii. My review of all three can be found on my blog; all 5 Star Reviews.

Amy’s current Work In Progress is a 3 book series; the first is called The House on Candlewick Lane (A Malice Novel). It is currently available on Amazon for preorder and will be released on February 7, 2017.


Now on to the good stuff!

Sharon: I know that for most authors writing is their Dream job! But if you were unable to write for some reason, what profession would you fall back on?

Amy: I would fall back, kicking and screaming, on my originally-chosen career of attorney. I hope it never happens!

Sharon: I hope it never happens too!

Sharon: If one of your books was made into a movie, and you could be an actor, which character would you play and why?

Amy: That’s a great twist on the who-would-play-your-characters question! I would play the part of Kailani (from House of the Hanging Jade) because she loves to cook. If there’s cooking to do on-set, send me in! I also love to kayak, which Kailani enjoys. And I love Hawaii, so I think I could bring an authentic feel for the setting to the movie. Now, if only I could act…

Sharon: Ahh! I knew the answer to that question before I even asked it! However, as far as acting, anyone who can direct a play at age 11 can probably act as well. Hmmmm…. 

Sharon: If you were to compare your husband to any of the characters in your books who would he be?

Amy: Oooh. A hard one. I compare John to Heath Peppernell, I suppose: supportive, focused on both work and family, loving, and handsome!

Sharon: Does this supportive, handsome, loving family man have an older brother? 

Sharon: I know your current WIP is a series, do you find it harder or easier to write a series versus a stand alone novel!

Amy: I don’t think one is any easier or harder than the other. There are ups and downs to writing both. Many readers have asked me to write sequels to my first three stand alone books, so at some point, I might consider writing novellas or short stories (I would just put them right on my website) to continue the tales. My series is a bit different from most series because the main characters change in each book. Characters move with me from one book to the next, but they move from main characters to minor characters and vice versa. In that way, I get to mix up the main personalities a bit.

Sharon: I like this answer, I have read books both ways, and I prefer the main character changing as long as all the other characters stay in. 

Sharon: Have you written or want to write an autobiography?

Amy: Never! My life is far too ordinary.

Sharon: I think we will have to agree to disagree on that answer. I think that your story may keep your readers laughing! 

Sharon: I happen to love your writing style, have you ever written a song? Or wanted to? If so, tell me about that song!

Amy: Thank you!! If I wrote a song, believe me, you wouldn’t want to hear it.

Sharon: Ut Oh! This could be interpreted many ways. LOL 

Sharon: Do you play an instrument? If so, which one/ones? Did you take lessons or learn on your own?

Amy: I do not play an instrument right now, but I used to. I took lessons and played oboe for years, as well as clarinet. I liked the oboe better because it was a little out-of-the-ordinary and I just love its sound. I’m trying to get my son some ukulele lessons, but I’m having a hard time finding an instructor locally. If he learns, I might just decide to learn along with him.

Sharon: Ahh, the Uke, I understand that it’s making a comeback. A year or so ago, Paul McCartney played it in a tribute to his good friend George Harrison. I hope you find an instructor. 

Sharon: If your husband came home from work and said “let’s move” any place you want (except Hawaii) as long as it’s in the U. S. where would you want to go?

Amy: You ask hard questions! I guess my first choice would be an island in the Thousand Islands. Preferably one with a castle on it. My second choice would be somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

Sharon: I will visit you in the castle, but only in the summer; This old body can’t take the cold. :-). And thank goodness you didn’t say Nebraska, one of your kids might not be able to find his/her way home!

Sharon: If you could sit on a bench with someone living or deceased, who would it be and what would your first comment be?

Amy: I would sit on a bench with my grandmother and my first comment would be “Nana, I’ve really missed you.” Followed quickly by, “What’s it like in heaven?” then “How did you make your goulash?”

Sharon: Beautiful answer,  I hope that my grandchildren feel the same way about me

Sharon: Since my friend Amy Metz didn’t ask you during her interview with you, I am going to ask! What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Amy: She did ask- I just opted not to answer the question! But since it’s mandatory now, I’ll tell you that I would go to the grocery store in my pajamas for a Klondike bar.

Sharon: If you make it Walmart, nobody will notice. 🙂

Sharon: Is there anything else you want to share with your readers?

Amy: I want to thank my readers and tell them how much I appreciate them. They have been supportive, encouraging, and nothing short of wonderful. I’d love to connect with each of them personally, so I invite all of them to get in touch with me via one or more of the following hangouts:

Sharon: I don’t have a clue how you keep up with it all, I get tired just thinking about all those sites. I can assure you folks, Amy does keep up, so feel free to get in touch, she will answer you! 🙂

Website: (www.amymreade.com)

Facebook: (www.facebook.com/amreadeauthor)

Twitter: (www.twitter.com/readeandwrite)

Blog: (www.amreade.wordpress.com)

Pinterest: (www.pinterest.com/amreade)

Goodreads: (www.goodreads.com/author/show/8189243.Amy_M_Reade)

Amazon author page: (www.amazon.com/Amy-M.-Reade/e/B00LX6ASF2/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0).

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Sharon: Did I miss anything you really want to talk about? If so, here’s your chance!

Amy: I’d like to thank you for having me on your blog, Sharon, and let you know that you’re every writer’s dream reader! I’ve enjoyed this interview immensely!

Sharon: I don’t know about the dream reader, some of my reviews might have caused nightmares (Just Kidding).  I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you as well, and thanks for taking the time to do this.

That’s it folks, I hope you enjoyed getting to know Amy on a more personal level; I really enjoyed having her here, and as your week continues………. Don’t Forget to……….

LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH…… and by all means READ!