April 2016

It’s Release Day!

Good Morning family and friends, It’s finally here, Take a look at this gorgeous cover and you will be hooked. And based in Hawaii! Come on now, hop on over, to Amy M Reades blog, Read the excerpts and head over to Amazon for what I am certain is going to be a great read!

Reade and Write

House of the Hanging Jade cover with USA Today (2)

House of the Hanging Jade comes out today! I hope you’ll join me in some virtual fresh pineapple and Kona coffee to celebrate its release!

Over the next couple weeks you’ll be hearing from me often, as I update the sites where I have interviews, guest blogs, giveaways, and excerpts. I invite you to take a minute and check out any or all of the blog tour stops- I had a great time with them and I hope you do, too.

Here are today’s appearances and events:

Interview on Island Confidential.

Giveaway on Three Partners in Shopping.

Thanks for taking a look!

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My Take on How to be a Happy Slob by Annie Kelleher

How to be a Happy Slob: A manifesto for those who don’t aspire to perfection

Having become ill recently, the one main frustration I have encountered is not being able to do the things I once could. For example, the simple things in life that came so easily for me are just frustrations now. Those things we take for granted, like cooking my own meals washing my own clothes, and yes changing the sheets on my bed. Oh, I can do them, but what once took 15 minutes, now takes over an hour and exhausts me to the point of needing a nap when I finish. I am very fortunate to be living with my son and daughter-in-law who take care of these things for me, but I have always been very independent and find relying on other people hard.

So, on to Annie’s book: Yesterday, Annie posted a picture on her Facebook page to promote her book.


I made a comment about the fact that based on the picture, this book would drive me to drink. Of course, I was not intending any disrespect, because Annie is a wonderful author.  So today, I see Annie has posted another promotional picture for the print version of the book. And being the wise A** that I am, I commented that this cover is a little less scary!


At that comment, Annie offered to send me a review copy, which I accepted. So now, I must apologize to Annie because I absolutely loved the book. It is available on Amazon for preorder, How to be a Happy Slob, by Annie Kelleher Kindle Version. If you are interested in the print version, it is available now, How to be a Happy Slob, by Annie Kelleher.

And my review:

The book is a novella and can be read in one sitting. Having said that, it is certainly not lacking in any way.  It is filled with excellent tips and links to web pages for those folks interested in researching helpful ideas for organizing or in general cleaning up made easy. So you might be thinking, oh this is just another helpful hints book… Nope, it is more than that, Annie discusses her life of organization (disorganization) and I have to say, I laughed a lot. It is beautifully written and gave me an insight into Annie as an author, as a woman and as a mom/wife!

I don’t want to give anything away but would like to add my take on just one example Annie gave. She was talking about having a place for everything and everything isn’t always in its place. The example was her pile of papers next to her computer. She mentions that she has a basket in a cupboard and can easily put them away. And my opinion on that is why? Putting it away hides that fact that you’re working. I would say, leave it there, it’s a perfect place. If I were Annie’s  guest, I would expect to see a computer and lots of other things on her desk. I remember many years ago, my dad telling me that when I take my car to a garage for repairs, make sure that the garage is a sloppy greasy mess… Why? Because this mechanic works hard, and has lots of work. He doesn’t have the time or energy to make it look perfect. If it’s perfect, he doesn’t have enough work. (thus probably not a good mechanic).

Well, my friends, I am definitely giving this book a 5 Star Rating and highly recommend you add it to your library. Makes no difference whether you’re a slob or a perfectionist, it’s a great read!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week, which is well underway!

And don’t forget to:

Live, Love, Laugh, and by all means, READ!







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