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November is gone and I welcome December!

November was a very busy month for me. As most of you already know,  I started it driving 1800+ miles from Upstate NY to Central TX.  That took the first 4 days, and the next 5 or 6, I found myself creating to-do lists and moving them from day to day.

There were a few obstacles that I had to overcome this month, not to mention a little bit of bad luck. But, that is behind me now.

More importantly, I need to report on my 2015 goals. I am sure glad I only had to keep track of two. 1) Give up Caffeine. And yes, I am still caffeine free. In addition, I drink very little caffeine free diet coke as well… Once in a while I miss it, but I know that it was slowly killing me.  2.) Read 50 books. Well, I can’t remember when I completed that goal, but by the close of November, I have read 65 books. My reading got off to a slow start with traveling and my huge to-do list this month, however, I did manage to read 4 books by 3 authors. Deadly Proof: A Victorian San Francisco Mystery by Louisa M Locke, Gulf Boulevard, and Sand Key by Dennis Hart, and You’ll Be Thinking of Me by Densie Webb.  I loved all 4 of these books and will definitely be reading more from each of these authors. I am currently reading Life Minus 3 1/2 by Dennis Hart.

As tradition will have it, The Thanksgiving weekend means decorating the house! This year for me I got to sit and watch. Not that I didn’t want to help, but my allergy has me coughing when I move around or talk too much…. I know, my kids are happy seeing me quiet! Sometimes mama has too much to say. Although the house isn’t finished, it is definitely looking festive! Next stop, Santa! In addition to our decorating tradition and listening to Christmas music, we added a what’s your favorite Christmas song? This is what we came up with; Joseph – Oh Holy Night, Jeffrey – Silver Bells, Amie – My Christmas Wish, Abigail – I Want to Wish You a Merry Christmas, Dana – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, and my favorite – Mary, Did You Know? Do you have a favorite? Please comment and let me know what it is!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, maybe even added some new family traditions! Hopefully everyone is well underway with Christmas shopping and decorating and make sure you find some time to relax and enjoy!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and don’t forget to:

Live, Love, Laugh, and by all means, READ!