Today I am very happy to feature a Crime, Mystery and Thriller Series by Susan Fleet. Susan has recently released the sixth book in The Frank Renzi Series. She has also written Dark Deeds and Dark Deeds Volume 2, which I have not read; this post will specifically highlight The Frank Renzi Series.

I have been enjoying this series for several years and was thrilled when Book 6 was released! I absolutely loved it.

About The Author: Written with Permission from Susan Fleet

There is so much to say about Susan Fleet, so I am going to share a little and include a link to her website. Please take the time to look it over.

Midway through her successful career as a professional trumpeter, Susan Fleet discovered her dark side and began writing crime fiction. New Orleans is the setting for her award-winning Frank Renzi crime thrillers: Absolution, Diva, Natalie’s Revenge, Jackpot, Natalie’s Art and most recently, Missing.

Susan lived in New Orleans for nine years and now divides her time between the Big Easy and Boston. Visit her website and send her an email. She’d love to hear from you!

Susan Fleet Website

Susan is a talented musician and has a passion for promoting talented women musicians. While teaching at Brown University and Berklee College of Music, she created a course about female musicians, jazz and classical. You can read about them in the archives at Susan’s website.
And when you read this series and you just happen to fall in love with Frank Renzi you don’t want to miss RENZI’S RANTS! NOPD Detective Frank Renzi rants about whatever is on his mind! I personally love getting to know the characters in the books I read.
So let’s talk about the books

Susan’s first award-winning mystery! Absolution  – A serial killer preys on young women in New Orleans. Some of the darkest secrets reside in a parish church. Is the killer a priest?

Susan takes on some of the very things we are seeing today, police corruption, racial tension and religious conflicts. She has done a great job of building the characters, adding lots of twists to the plot, keeping the reader guessing and turning pages until the very end. Definitely a 5-star read!

Next we have Diva – Here Susan introduces her well-known love for music, adding murder, sexual obsession, kidnapping and blackmail, all in New Orleans. The beautiful, talented and ambitious, Belinda, (a flutist) wants to be a star. But fame can be dangerous. Someone is stalking her. Her manager suddenly dies. Was he murdered? Maybe, but murder may not be the worst thing Belinda has to face!

This story puts its reader right in the midst of New Orleans with the well-developed characters and fast paced writing. A real page turner, but you may want to go slow and enjoy it right through till the end.

Number 3 in the series – Natalie’s Revenge1988: Ten-year-old Natalie is devastated when police find her mother beaten to death in a New Orleans hotel. Natalie wants revenge. Her hunt for the killer takes her from dancing in New York City strip clubs to working as a call girl in Paris and back to the Big Easy, with a gun. 2008: NOPD Detective Frank Renzi investigates the murder of a VIP businessman in a French Quarter hotel. Is it revenge for the 1988 murder? Renzi pursues the elusive Natalie. Is she the killer? Don’t miss the exciting showdown between Natalie (armed, dangerous and determined) and Frank Renzi.

I have to say that this one put me on the edge of my seat. I happen to love stories about revenge. That may tell a tale about me! Hmm! In this plot, Frank Renzi is looking at two murders, however, they are 20 years apart. How will he handle that? Every so often when we are reading a crime mystery, we find ourselves rooting for the bad guy or gal in this case. This is one of those times, even though you know Renzi needs to catch her, part of you wants her to get away. Does she or doesn’t she? Pick up a copy of Natalie’s Revenge, you won’t be disappointed.

Jackpot, Book 4 in the series. No guessing here, we have a compulsive gambler. He wins a big jackpot and his problems are over; Or are they? Jackpot is actually a prequel to the earlier Detective Renzi books. It takes place in Boston in 2000, before Renzi relocated to New Orleans. Here we find many lottery winners and many murders! Would that be a serial killer? I think so! Again, the plot has lots of twists and turns, and I would venture to say that this one is one of my favorite Frank Renzi stories. We learn a lot about Frank throughout the series, but this one being a prequel gives us a little more about his pre-New Orleans days. He is definitely an interesting character.

Guess who is back? Natalie’s Art – Book 5 in the series. Art Heists, Murder and Revenge! In 1990, two robbers stole paintings worth $500 million from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Twenty years later, a ruthless man plans to steal several more. He forces Natalie to help him, but after the heist he intends to kill her. Not only that, NOPD Detective Frank Renzi is hot on her trail. Will Natalie escape? Again you don’t want to miss the explosive showdown between Frank and Natalie.

Here we go, we have a sequel to Natalie’s Revenge. Don’t you just love sequels? And this one takes off from page one. Natalie’s character is so well developed in both Natalie’s Revenge and Natalie’s Art. As a reader, it is hard to not root for her. And of course, she is a criminal folks so we also need to root for  Detective Renzi.  Who will it be? Mystery, suspense, thriller, this one has it all. Definitely a page turner from beginning to end. This is a must read!

Just released: Missing – Book 6. Again we get Kidnapping, murder, and revenge! Donna and Hunter Gates appear to be the perfect power couple. He’s a wealthy New Orleans City Councilman. She’s a popular news anchor for a local TV station. One night when Hunter comes home, Donna and their two small children are gone. He asks NOPD Detective Frank Renzi to find them. Renzi soon uncovers a tangled web of lies. Donna and Hunter both have dark secrets; secrets they will do anything to hide. Renzi fears Donna may already be dead. A ransom demand raises more questions. Is this a kidnapping? A cover-up for murder? Payback for past misdeeds? When one hostage is found brutally murdered, Renzi must unravel the Gates family secrets and find the killer before it’s too late.

So, I stated that Jackpot was one of my favorites in this series. Well, after reading Missing, I have a new favorite. I have to say that Susan has outdone herself on this one. This is a real page turner and kept me up all night reading! Missing has it all… Murder, revenge, infidelity… Lots of twists, and a plot that was not predictable. And once again you may find yourself rooting for one of the bad guys. You do not have to read the entire series to enjoy this one because it stands on its own. However, if you haven’t read the others, you may want to go back and do so.

I want to thank Susan Fleet for allowing me to feature her books on my blog, and I am hoping that I have piqued enough interest  to send my friends over to amazon to pick up one or more of these books! And don’t forget to check out her website, Susan is really interesting!

As Always, “Live, Love, Laugh….. and by all means…. READ!