As I prepare my travel plans, I thought I would stop and think about the summer that I have enjoyed. When someone asks me where I am from, I usually laugh and say “everywhere”! Born and raised in Kingston, NY, I was given the opportunity to relocate with the company that I worked for. Although it was one of the most difficult decisions I ever had to make, I made it rather quickly. I asked myself two questions. What were my career opportunities if I stay and what opportunities will my three sons have? Packing up my home and moving to Atlanta, Georgia was the best decision I have ever made. And yes, I was sad to leave my family and friends, but I had to think about what I could give my boys. I remember when we were leaving New York, I thought it would be really nice if we ended up in Tampa, Florida where I could eventually retire. (no I don’t have psychic powers or do I?). Six years later we moved the finance department to Tampa, Florida. Two of my sons were grown at this point so moving to Tampa was a little more difficult. However, I didn’t feel like I was in a position to give up my years of service and my retirement package, so after a family meeting, off to Florida I went with my youngest son in tow. For the next 15 years, living in Florida was everything I hoped it would be. TA-DA, retirement, April 2011. With my sons scattered about, I decided to live near my youngest son who just gave me my first granddaughter. Sierra Vista, Arizona. Wow, what a change in climate. Did I love yet another change? You bet I did. Of course, I knew this was temporary because my son is in the military. It was a wonderful three years and my second granddaughter was born while I lived there.


After three years in Arizona, my son and his family were off to upstate New York, and this is a place where I just cannot live in the winter. I opted to join my first two sons in Texas. Hence, I spend my winters in Texas and my summers in upstate New York. And yes, I absolutely love it!

What I really intended to write about when I started this post was my summer here in upstate New York. So, here it is; It started with a very long drive from San Antonio, Texas to Kingston, New York. Here I visited with my sister and her family. The week-long visit had me reminiscing about old times with lots and lots of throwback Thursday pictures. A few drives through the city had me thinking about the good old days and concluding that I wouldn’t change a thing with regard to the direction my life has taken me.

Off to Philadelphia, New York… What a beautiful Upstate NY area. Beautiful weather (most of the time), The St Lawrence River, and the beautiful Thousand Islands. Lots of Camping in Central New York. And wineries… lots and lots of wineries. And yes my friends quite a few trips to the library. My girls already love reading, and this makes me very happy. The Fall brings festivals, Pumpkin Patches, and Apple Orchards… I really dislike leaving my girls. But, on November 1, I will be heading southwest for a warmer climate where I will spend the winter and early spring with my two sons and family in San Antonio, Texas.

So what have you done this summer or early fall?

Please enjoy a few of the many pictures I took this summer!


  Boldt Castle

DSC06787 St Lawrence River

11988452_10204957926564271_4386424382114980229_nRoswell P. Flower Memorial Library and my Sophia

DSC07008Madelynn and Sophia at the Cream Cheese Festival


Madelynn and I


Sophia and I


Riverwalk, Watertown, NY


Ashokan Reservoir


Roosevelt Estate, Hyde Park, NY


Petting Zoo, Evans Mills, NY


St Lawrence River, Clayton, NY

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Live, Love, Laugh, and by all means…. READ!