Yes, I now have 9 months of no caffeine entering my body! The good thing; I still don’t miss it! My goal of reading 50 books this year… met, currently at 55. I am especially enjoying reading new authors… (new to me that is). Currently reading Scrapbook of the Dead, by Mollie Cox Bryan.

I can’t believe that September is gone. I am really enjoying spending time with Sophia (Madelynn is in school). She has the cutest 3-year-old personality; I just never know what she will say next. Not to mention her beautiful curly hair and awesome smile! And of course, I have had a few date nights with Madelynn as well… these dates almost always included a dessert. What else could be more special?

We have had a lot of family time this month as well. Fun at Spruce Row with family and friends, Sonny’s Farm to pet the animals, The Burrville Cider Mill, the best homemade apple cider sugar donuts I have ever had… plus hot apple cider (unheard of in the southwest!). Then there was the Cream Cheese Festival, (haha) they had a cheesecake that weighed in at 2 thousand pounds, but it was gone by the time we got there… hmm! But we had a good time! Just look at those happy faces!


All in all September was great…. I only have 31 days left of my North Country stay this year, and I am hoping to enjoy it. We will make one more trip to Spruce Row Campgrounds before the season is over. There will definitely be some apple picking this month, and October brings Madelynn’s birthday and Halloween. Lots of fun in the next 31 days!

So, my friends, don’t forget to:

Live, Love, Laugh, and by all means READ!